SWG Pilot Tricks Guide: How Star Wars Galaxies Pilots Gain an Edge When Flying in Space

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Jedi, Commandos, Bounty Hunters and Officers have the planetary combat side of Star Wars Galaxies covered, but a game can hardly call itself Star Wars without including the opportunity for players to have their pilots portray the brave pilots of the Rebel Alliance, the Empire, and pilots who choose to associate themselves with the legitimate businessman such as Jabba the Hutt.

Pilot is not a profession that a character starts out with, but rather an added profession a character can join to give his character something more to do. Unlike the ground game which plays the same way as many other traditional mmorpgs do.

The space game of Star Wars Galaxies does not rely on levels as much as the ground game does. The skill of a pilot is more important in determining who gets the victory. The space game has more in common with a flight simulator than it does with an mmorpg.

Starting Out as a Pilot

Because players do not start out as pilots in Star Wars Galaxies, a character who wants to experience the space end of the game should seek out an Imperial or Rebel pilot recruiter. Which faction recruiter a character seeks out will depend on which faction he has chosen to ally himself with.

Getting Your First Star Fighter in Star Wars Galaxies

Players who choose to be pilots will at first be given plans for a Z-95 fighter, which for the past several years has had hyper drive capabilities. While this fighter is good enough to get them through the first missions, a character will want to upgrade eventually. As the experience of a character earns as a pilot increases, he will be able to fly better star fighters with better shields and weaponry. The star fighters a pilot character can fly is determined by his faction.

Star Wars Galaxies Pilot Tricks

While getting experience as a pilot is a matter of blowing up opposing craft, there are a few tricks a Star Wars Galaxies pilot can use to give him an extra edge. Many of these tricks work in many other flight simulator games.

The first tip that Star Wars Galaxiespilots can use is that they should fire their lasers where they think the target will be when it hits. Giving the targeting indicators a slight lead helps prevent a shot that might otherwise be wasted.

The second tip that Star Wars Galaxiespilots can use is to hit the brakes when fighting whose star fighter can achieve higher speeds. This forces an opponent to either slow down to the pilot’s own speed or causes the opponent to overshoot, giving the character a chance at an extra shot. Pilot players often refer to this as jousting.

Jump to Lightspeed: A Welcome Diversion from the Level Grind

The space game of Star Wars Galaxiesintroduced space combats and the pilot profession to this Sony Online Entertainment mmorpg. While many things have changed since Jump to Lightspeed’srelease, the pilot profession and how experience was gained remains more or less the same as it has since its introductions. (Some changes must be made for several years of patches, however.) When a character tires of killing monsters, he should take his Star Wars Galaxies pilot out to the black.

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