Multiple Character Control: Sword of the New World’s Unique Feature

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The multiple character control feature of Sword of the New World sets the game apart from every other MMORPG on the market. Multiple Character control is difficult to master due to its buggy workings, but the bad coding will likely be fixed in upcoming patches. The greatest annoyance for a left-handed mouse user is the games inability to recognize a person who uses a left-handed mouse in Windows and switch the buttons accordingly.

The official Sword of the New World forums are a good place to learn what this unique feature has to offer, even if issues like server lag and poor coding prevent multiple character control from reaching its full potential.

What is Multiple Character Control?

All it means is that a player can control more than one character at a single time. In the world of Granado Espada, a player can control up to three characters as he moves throughout the world. With five classes, this makes a large combination of classes possible. Add to that a wide selection of hired characters that can be purchased from the company or earned through quests or special events and the amount of combinations of character classes becomes even higher.

Using Multiple Character Control

Sword of the New World’s interface is quirky and often does not work as intended. Server lag can delay the execution of commands such as a well time heal. While this is annoyance, it is easy to learn to use the game’s multiple character control features. It is little different from playing one character in other mmorpgs.

Underneath the hit point, mana, and experience bars for each character on the screen is a series of boxes with a letter underneath. To use this ability you either click on the box or hit the corresponding letter on the keyboard. With multiple character control, the member of a family’s player with the ability or spell will then use it, or at least that is how the system is supposed to work. Server side lag often causes unwelcome delays.

Other Faults in the System

The next fault is not related to multiple character control, but due to the fact that the game can be played without much if any human intervention required. The AI causes the characters to fight less efficiently than they might have if a human intelligence were directing them, but it is possible to just leave the game running and switch zones every few hours to level up. (At least until level 50 at any rate, when character no longer automatically resurrect themselves.)

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